Aditya Kothadiya

When only one or a few people know how to work on something, you get bottlenecks where progress is stunted until the master is ready. You risk the hit-by-a-bus factor where nobody knows how the system works if the master leaves.

The first step of acceptance is to recognize that sending someone fresh in to fix a single issue in a complex part of the code is expensive.

To broaden the base of knowledge, you’re going to have to let someone else not only spend considerable effort getting up to speed. Then you’re going to have them deal with more than just a quick fix. Let them deal with a raft of issues and let them spend the time of the original creator to learn it all.

That feature you want do is now going to be pushed a few days or a a week out. Until you’re ready to delay things you really want done, it’s fruitless to bemoan that parts of the code base territorial.

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