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Business Strategy Framework

“Business Strategy Framework” is a framework about how you think about your focus and strategy for Engineering Platform, Product, and your Go-To-Market.

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Let’s consider an example. AtĀ Avoma, we’re building an AI-meeting assistant.

From a use-cases perspective, there are many different kinds of meetings. Everyone’s workflows, pain points, and needs are very different.

When we decided to build Avoma, obviously, we could have built a horizontal AI meeting assistant to serve every single meeting use case.

But that would have been a bad business strategy, especially when you’re a startup and just starting out šŸ˜€.

ā€¢ We built the engineering platform and AI tech in the most scalable way to evolve into future use cases

ā€¢ From the product perspective, we decided to focus on only customer-facing (Sales & Customer Success) external meetings

ā€¢ From the GTM perspective, we reach out to the VP of Sales and Customer Success persona

Hope you’ll find this framework helpful when you makeĀ strategyĀ andĀ prioritizationĀ decisions in your company.

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Relevant, not Personalized Email Outreach

Sending “personalized” email outreach is a thing of the past. Sending “relevant” email outreach is what we need in the industry.

The current way of outreach using prospect’s first name, company name, school, etc. is not personalization. It is a table stakes.

The right way of outreach using prospect’s needs, responsibilities, future aspirations, etc. is a true personalization. It is being relevant and helpful.

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Happy Planning 2020!

As we’re preparing for the new year, it’s a good reminder for everyone –

Do not overestimate “planning” šŸŽÆand do not underestimate “constant corrections” šŸ§­.

Planning is essential, but constant corrections are inevitable.

Happy planning 2020! šŸ“ˆ